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USPA Registration

Tandem course registration form
Download and fax it at :

Or mail it to :
Roy Torgeirson
2212 NW 4th TER
Cape Coral, FL 33993

along with your registration fee of $50.00

   UPT Vector/Sigma & USPA Tandem
                     Instructor Course

To participate in the USPA & United Parachute Technologies (Vector/Sigma) Tandem instructor rating course you need the following:
- 18 years of age
- At least 500 ram air jumps
- Hold a current USPA membership
- Hold a USPA D-license or foreign equivalent
- Hold a current FAA Class III medical certificate or foreign equivalent
- At least 3 years in the sport
- Currently possess a USPA Coach or Instructional rating or foreign equivalent
- The USPA Tandem Proficiency card needs to be signed off at items 1-8 if you are a coach and at item 1-2 if you already are a USPA Instructor in another discipline

The first thing you need to do after you decide to get the USPA tandem rating is get the course books. You need a current (not older then 24 months) SIM and IRM. You can find the tandem proficiency card in the back of the IRM. The card needs to be signed off at the required numbers prior to the course.


Useful Links :
UPT Checklist

UPT Tandem Exam
Sigma Test
Tandem Vector Training Logbook
Skydiver's Information manual
Instructional Rating Manual
UPT Tandem Instructor / Recertification Form

Download & Print
Tandem Vector 2 manual
& Sigma Manual

The Tandem rating course will take 2-3 days (weather permitting). The course consists of one day of classroom, 10 evaluation jumps and UPT written exam, as well as the USPA in-air evaluations and an open book written exam.

The class starts with verification of the requirements. The Vector and Sigma Tandem Manual's are the course books. We strongly recommend you download it from their website ( The questions for the written tests are there and there is a study guide online. These are open book tests and can be done at home prior to the course.

You need to bring copies of:
- USPA membership card with D-license number and coach or instructor endorsement
- Copy of a current FAA Class III medical certificate or military equivalent
- Copy of logbook pages with 500 jumps (unless USPA card shows a Gold Wings award)
- Copy of logbook pages showing 3 years in the sport and 4-hours of freefall
- After the first 5-evaluation jumps you can make the other 5-tandem jumps with an experienced jumper who has at least 100 jumps. We require you to make these jumps during the course with the examiner or a designated person for continuous education and to complete the requirements for the USPA Tandem rating.

To get the Sigma endorsement you need to take an additional written test.

The course fee is $300 for the training. This cost includes the ground instruction, and the examiner fee for the evaluation jumps.
DZ Tandem equipment may be rented at $30.00 per jump.
You will still be responsible for the jump tickets (20 slots), as well as for the pack fee ($10.00 per pack), if you do not pack all your tandems..
USPA tandem rating fee $50.00
United Parachute Technologies charges $25 rating fee for Vector and an additional $10 for the Sigma endorsement.

Ask for group discounts!

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